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Bring Balance Back to Your Life


Quotes Ever since Tara has been coming to our work site for the 15 minute chair massages I have been hooked! I always wondered about how effective the chair massages were and I was really pleased at how relaxed it makes you feel. Also, what a convenience having her come to our work site! I can't say enough about how wonderful a massage feels and how caring Tara is. Thanks Tara I look forward to the next visit! Quotes
Administrative Assistant

Quotes From the moment I entered Natural Balance, I was impressed with Tara. She is always professional and sensitive to my needs. I suffer from a painful ruptured Baker?s cyst in my knee and have unsuccessfully tried to treat it with injections & medication. After a session with Tara, the swelling & pain subsided. In addition to an amazing difference in my knee, I leave her office after every session feeling relieved, relaxed & rejuvenated Quotes
Diana G.
Relaxed Client

Quotes My job can be quite stressful on some days. And even when it isn't, it necessitates sitting at a desk for long periods of time without much movement which can make my back and neck muscles very stiff. I also suffer from a lot of bad headaches/borderline migraines. On particularly bad days, I will pop over to Natural Balance on my lunch break to see Tara for a Chair Massage. And all I can say is, the woman works wonders! I walk in with tension and pain in the back of my head, down my neck, into my shoulders, and even down my spine. But after 15 minutes in the chair and her massage? No exaggeration, my headache has melted away and my shoulders and neck feel SO much looser and more relaxed. It's incredible. She's really amazing! I'm so glad she's a part of my neighborhood now :) Quotes
Legal secretary

Quotes I have been going to Natural Balance for the past couple of months to help me with my chronic neck/shoulder pain. I must say Tara does a wonderful job. I no longer have as many headaches or pain! I have recommended Natural Balance to many of my friends and relatives. Quotes
Satisfied Mom